Bobbi Brown X M.A.C Goodies

Whenever I’m in the US, I always stock up on my favourite make-up brands that include Bobbi Brown and M.A.C – and of course all discounted! I can’t believe that in the US they get up to 60% off on eye shadows, lipsticks, brushes, foundation etc. while in the UK none of that exists really. That’s why I just love shopping for make-up in the US. Every time I’m there I go crazy with all the bargains.

My latest additions are the Bobbi Brown eye shadows in Sage and Steel, and a lipgloss in Ruby Sugar. The eye shadows were $11 each from $26 so that’s 58% off. It’s very rare for brands like this to be discounted like this – at least in the UK. The M.A.C eye shader brush #283 also cost just $8.

Want these goodies for yourself? Contact me here.

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