Saint Laurent High Rise Washed Blue Skinny Jeans

Saint Laurent jeans? Hell yeah. Anytime. I have owned a pair before, a grey pair of skinny Saint Laurent jeans that I bought 3 years ago, and I have worn them so much that they are now in the over-worn category and about to retire soon.

I scored this washed blue pair of skinnies for just £126, a pretty well-discounted price from £420. A good pair of high quality jeans is essential to me in my wardrobe. Actually, a few good pairs. I’m obsessed with jeans anyway. This pair is a slightly longer one which I needed, because everywhere I look it’s just the ankle ones I see. Like c’mon, where are the proper full length jeans?

Saint Laurent jeans are pretty sturdy and thick. I love the golden chain and leather logo piece hanging at the back that’s their signature.

Do you want this bargain for yourself? Contact me here.

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