Balenciaga Classic Biker Boots

I finally got my hands on a pair of these beauties as it was time for me to upgrade my old Jimmy Choo biker boots to a newer addition. I mean, I loved my Jimmy’s but they had their days.

I saw these Balenciaga ones online for a fraction of price what they are originally, that is £695 down to £180. So I traded in my old shoes to these brand new ones and I only paid £95 towards them.

They feature the classic Balenciaga studs and are very sturdy. They are also a size bigger than my usual size. Actually I am in-between sizes and I was hoping size 40 would fit me well, and they do. I think Balenciaga sizing comes up a tiny bit smaller. They are just so beautiful and new that it will be a shame once I start wearing them (but that’s how I feel with every new purchase).

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